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Vein Mapping

You don’t have to live with throbbing, heavy, leg and back pain anymore…

Get answers to your pain
examining spider veins
Are you experiencing aching legs, bulging veins, swelling, discoloration, or even back pain?
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You've been told by other doctors that nothing's wrong? You thought it was a spine or nerve issue (maybe even arthritis), and nothing checked out.
The cramping in your legs has turned into a deep throbbing pain that seems to keep getting deeper and heavier… then the fatigue sets in.
Vitale Vein & Vascular Center has your back ...
You DO NOT have to live this way.
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Your symptoms may be a result of issues that Vein Mapping can identify and give you a real profile of your vein health.
Benefits of Vein Mapping
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Risk Free
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Covered by Insurance
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Helps detect the source of your pain
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When you get your Vein Map reviewed by one of our highly skilled technicians...
You get answers that may just save your life.
get more answers with vein mapping
get answers with vein mapping
It helps you diagnose or rule out conditions, such as:
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Varicose Veins
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Spider Veins
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Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Vein Mapping is also a necessary step to prep for bypass surgery and dialysis and can help identify diabetes-related conditions before they become a larger health issue.
Not sure where your vein health stands?
Some patients need more information about the severity of their symptoms before moving forward.
Check out the vein health quiz...
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If you are worried you'll never feel better, then Vein Mapping is the answer. It takes you from “mystery pain” to understanding its root cause.
Find your solution
vein mapping can reveal the cause of your pain
What Is Vein Mapping?
Vein mapping is an ultrasound procedure that takes a series of vein scans.
The scans reveal any blockages, which helps identify what’s behind the pain.
It is a painless scan, done in-office, and only takes about an hour...
(But it can save your life.)
Your Personalized Treatment Plan
Stop living your life in pain when you have options.
90% of 30+ Million Americans suffer from untreated or undiagnosed vein and vascular diseases.
Our goal is to improve your quality of life and the lives of anyone who may be unaware that a diagnosis is within their grasp.
When you receive your scan results, you will realize how quickly underlying issues can be identified. Once the source of your pain is revealed, we get to work. We set up your personalized treatment plan for any condition we can treat or provide a referral to a trusted specialist.
Get the scan results and feel the relief...
(...of knowing exactly what's causing your pain).
Hear From Patients Like You
"The results of my vein procedures have been outstanding"
"I have been a patient of Dr. Vitale's for many years. I can't stress enough how professional, patient, and kind he is. The results of my vein procedures have been outstanding. I certainly would recommend him to anyone seeking vascular services. It will help to relieve pain and swelling. Also congratulations to his office staff for running a smooth efficient office."
"We left feeling secure that we had a plan"
"We visited today and had a very good experience. The office staff is warm and friendly. Dr. Vitale is lovely. He spent a considerable amount of time with the examination and explained everything to us. We left feeling secure that we had a plan. We feel very fortunate that our internist recommended Dr. Vitale."
"Dr. Vitale is the best in his field"
"Dr. Vitale is the best in his field, the most caring and compassionate Surgeon I know. LOVE HIM!! I would give him 5 STARS."
Get rid of the lumpy lines, discoloration, and swelling…
(so you can sleep, play, and be comfortable in your skin again)
Your positive outcomes are at the forefront of the Vitale Vein & Vascular Center’s mission. We want to help you experience life pain-free again. We compromise nothing to provide you with the best possible care.
If you're experiencing unexplained or sudden pain in the lower parts of your body (or already have an idea what’s wrong), let our specialists get you back into the balance of a healthy, comfortable life.
Say goodbye to the aches and pains and experience the life-changing outcomes of your follow-up procedures.
You will walk away with an elevated feeling of better health and confidence...
and your pain? GONE!
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